NEUROceans is a startup focused on the sectors called "sustainable blue economy and tourism 4.0"

We work in a wide variety of fields, such as, environmental consulting, R&D, training and dissemination of marine and terrestrial environments.


NEUROceans' mission is to develop sustainable and socially responsible environmental ideas, initiatives and projects.


The startup will be a technological and environmental dynamizer, following professional and responsible principles and respect for the environment.


Promote innovation and sustainability in our environmental and technological projects.

Prudence, rigor and realism in business management and administration.

Honesty and transparency with our clients, collaborators and investors.


Environmental consulting.

R&D projects, surveillance technology and competitive intelligence.

Environmental management software development.

Integrated Coastal Zone Management.

Design, development and promotion of public events on sustainable tourism and environmental protection.

Sustainable Tourism 4.0.

Environmental education, infographics and scientific micro documentaries.

Auditing and certifying Management Systems. Quality Environment, Beaches, Water Footprint among others. (ISO, EMAS, UNE standards).



NEUROceans is part of the Technological Center Inicia-TECH an "ecosystem builder" that welcomes and supports entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into viable projects and with triple-impact (economic, social and environmental). The services we offer are environmental consultancy and R&D projects.

Art Ocean Gallery.

ART OCEAN GALLERY is a cultural project focused on the tourism sector, specifically family action tourism. In the gallery, the exhibition sites without problems can be accessed from the shore, the gallery sites will be selected for this purpose. A small number exposure sites will be inserted into the shallow depth rocky areas with low ecological value. You will be able visit several sites by diving (snorkeling) and the gallery will be accessible to all audiences.

4.0 Turism

Industrial Revolution 4.0. It is based on IoT technology, Big Data, robotics, AI, among others. These key technologies of Industry 4.0 have become fundamental pillars for tourism 4.0 sector. We have new ideas, the Know-how and prototypes prepared in this strategic sector.


NEUROceans has among its priorities the development, promotion and financing sociocultural activities. It will focus on scientific dissemination on environmental issues and support local initiatives committed to the United Nations sustainable development goals.